hi, i’m Mike Smullin.

i live in South Jordan, Utah, USA and i am a computer scientist, among other things. over the past 15 years, i’ve made a living of writing software for profit. things like cross-browser web applications, apps for facebook, iphone, android, micro-controllers like arduino, raspberry pi, android mk802, and even cross-platform operating system applications. it has afforded me a good lifestyle and the truth is i enjoy it so much i have to make a conscious effort to still have a life outside of work.

in 2006, i founded a company Smullin Design and Development, a Utah limited liability company .

by “company” i mean myself and the teams i assemble to work with me. in time those people have included my wife, my father, my brother-in-law, former co-workers, and people in remote locations who i’ve had the privilege of meeting via github.com and odesk.com.

over time i’ve worked for a lot of people, and learned as a general survival skill to identify good employers, good employees, good entrepreneurs, startups that will succeed, etc. and tend to gravitate toward big challenges, bleeding-edge technology, and projects where i have a high degree of trust, responsibility, and freedom to take risks, make mistakes, and basically be the hero. sometimes i end up as the martyr , but lately its mostly hero.

today i bill myself as an agency, and i decide who will help me per-project. my passion regularly drives me to work long and odd hours, and i take immense pride in perfecting details. my colleagues and subordinates usually classify me as an excellent teacher, perceptive listener, and compassionate leader . my superiors usually classify me as one of the best in my industry, extremely reliable, and frequently over-delivering, on-time, and within budget.

for these reasons i am fortunately in high demand, but still i only charge half the rate of comparable agencies. i have not been without work in my entire career thus far, even during recession. in fact, since i began leading my own company, its revenues have doubled nearly every year. i continue to maintain long-term relationships with over seventy-five percent of my clients worldwide who trust me almost exclusively to do their hardest work.

as business ebbs and flows, i hire accordingly, but i enjoy programming more than management, so i focus on building computer systems and human processes that automate management duties. this is my strategy to scale quantity without reducing quality.

although throughout my career my clients have included numerous large international fortune 500 companies, ycombinator startups, and medium-sized local businesses alike, my working terms are often such that i am not allowed to feature this work in my portfolio, link at the end product, or make references to their trademarks. some of those companies don’t even realize i worked for them because i was sub-contracted. but i have accepted preferred shares of stock in some of them, and limited examples of the best work we accomplished for them are available upon request. the majority of my referrals are by word-of-mouth.

if you don’t already have a way to contact me, your best bet is to post a job and invite me via odesk. i will respond on behalf of myself or my team if i am interested and have capacity. know in advance that i will NOT relocate, and i do NOT do on-site even for local meetings—i am one-hundred percent telecommute from my home office. i bill hourly exclusively, with the only exceptions being clients who have established a history of sustaining prompt payment.

i look forward to hearing about your next project.


Mike Smullin

Founder, Smullin Design and Development LLC
U.S. Federal I.R.S. E.I.N.: 20-477-4089

P.S. these links will tell you more about my work than anything else i could write:

odesk elance linkedin github npm rubygems codepen c9 shelr youtube vimeo shapeways google+ twitter facebook blog lithium cakephp drupal wordpress codeschool

P.P.S. these are a few of the many programming/scripting languages in the order i find myself interested in and capable of hacking on:

Javascript CoffeeScript Ruby XML YAML HTML Haml Slim Jade CSS Sass SCSS Scala Java Objective-C C# C++ ANSI C Lua Vala Genie PHP Python Perl Fortran Cobol Assembly

P.P.P.S. here’s a shot of my home office setup: